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chaika : Make Chai like Never Before

An instant tea premix and iced tea brand making chai easy and convenient.

Like every new idea that stems from a necessity, Chaika is one too. When Aradhita Agarwal and Devanshi Kanoi Chitlangia were working in Singapore, they craved masala chai but did not know how to make it. They tried and failed. The process took 15-20 minutes and that too for a failure. That is how the idea stemmed. Their families have excelled in the tea business for over 70 years, but they felt the need to make old school masala chai easy, convenient and cool again. They left their finance jobs to join the #chaiparty Chaika is an instant tea premix company that makes masala chai in less than 10 seconds. It is like the Tang for Masala Chai where all one has to do is empty out the contents of a sachet into a mug, add hot water, stir and it is ready!

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