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Indian Sauce Company : Scintillating versatile and pocket-sized bits of drama

A person’s reputation is not just defined by their company, but also by the sauces (company) they keep in their pantry. If your passion revolves around cooking or savoring dishes prepared by your loved ones, then the Indian Sauce Company, founded by Gaurav Misra, is here to serenade your taste buds with a delightful melody. This brand offers a wide range of affordable yet exceptionally flavorful hot sauces. The Indian Sauce Company has won the hearts of all who have experienced its offerings - Fiery Red, Mango Bhoot Jolokia, Hot Peaches, Pineapple Green Chili, and Chimichurri. All crafted from fresh, premium quality, locally sourced ingredients - these sauces make for enthusiastic performers on your palate, waltzing through your taste buds like no others can. Use them as a condiment, salad dressing, marinade, basting agent, salsa, pasta sauce, or just to give a zesty punch to your favorite cocktails. What sets these sauces apart is their authenticity; made with high-quality local ingredients - they contain no chemical preservatives, no artificial flavors, no added colors or stabilizers. The sauces are also 100% vegan & glutenfree. The sauces are also available in sachets which makes them travel-friendly. These dripping flavour bombs are available country-wide through the company’s website www. indiansaucecomapany.

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