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The Bombay Club : Paradise On Your Plate

The Bombay Club - Focus on the food

The Bombay Club, which Amanda Bhandari founded, is the result of her ten years of experience working in the food and beverage sector, as well as her travel experiences, memories, and desire to pay homage to the city she has always cherished most. With its vintage photos, antique furniture, and cane accents, Bombay Club is minimalist in style and has lots of natural light. It also perfectly captures the spirit of Mumbai. The city’s tradition, sensibility, and the variety of flavors that can be found in every nook and cranny have all been taken into consideration while developing the menu. The food scene in India has become so dynamic in recent years that restaurants open with thunderous applause and swiftly disappear into the background. The beverage menu features Indianized coolers, many of which taste even better than they sound. Their Indianised coolers include the Popcorn Lemonade, Green Chili Banta, and Kokum Mary. Some of the delectable dishes to try while you’re here include Keema Pav, Salli Boti, and chicken cutlets. If you want to experience South Bombay, simply go to Bombay Club in Dhan Mill Compound, Delhi.

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