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Flavours of Calicut : Flavours of Calicut for everyone to experience

The delectable snacks from Calicut might engulf you with nostalgic memories or a whole new experience to enjoy, Flavours of Calicut won't certainly disappoint you. 

Calicut, now Kozhikode, has a legendary status in the culinary history of Kerala. The place is known as the state's food capital. The local cuisine is vibrant and the fame of its flavours is spread across many continents.

Flavours of Calicut was started in 2016, with a goal to promote authentic Kozhikode snacks around the world. The brand is the brainchild of four young men who carried the dream since they were college students. The passion for building a brand around the best traditions of Kozhikode cuisine led them to the formation of Flavours of Calicut. 

"It's our aim to satisfy the nostalgic drive for homemade snacks of Malayalis all over the world. At the same time, we also realise that Kerala snacks have a more extensive interest base among non-Malayalis", says the founder, Rabin Rahim.

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