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Bansiwala: The Indian cuisine nostalgia

The true pulse of a city can only be experienced by its local fair. The tastes, smells and sights all bundled together to create an eternal memory. Bansiwala was created precisely to give you a taste of the wonderfully diverse assortment of cuisines in India. The mouthwatering pedas of Mathura, the uniquely tantalising pethas, the tangy achaari mathris, the crisp, spicy aromatic dalmooths of Agra - Bansiwala ensures that you get the most authentic version of your favourite delights, delivered at your doorstep.

You can experience the true essence of any Indian city through their classic sweets and savouries. Bansiwala offers an incredibly varied range of products such as Mysore pak, Mewa gujiya, Kesar kaju katli, Anjir kaju katli, Strawberry kaju katli, Angoori petha, Paan petha, Chocolate petha, Mewa dalmoth, Shakkar pare, Kolhapur bhadang, Nan khatai, Besan laddoo, Methi laddoo, Dal samosa, Mini kachori, Khasta kaju, Chandrakala, Balushahi, Kesar khaja, Rebdi, Achari mathri, Punjabi doda barfi, Milk cake, Soan papdi, Sakhein and many more. They also offer stunningly delicious chocolates like Mango-white chocolate crunch, Oreo chocolate crunch and Chocolate hazelnut crunch. They also offer gorgeously decorated gift packs and festive packs which are amazing gifting options to anyone for any occasion. You can take a day off and spend it with your kids making some lip-smacking dishes with Bansiwala's DIY kits.

Bansiwala provides a scrumptious and heart-warming experience to all those who want to try the different flavours from the different cities of India, or the ones who simply want to revisit their childhood with their nostalgic sweets and savouries.

Founder : Mridu Goel 

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