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Aweri : A Pickle Affair

We cannot deny that we all have a love affair with pickle - the various sun-dried fruits and vegetables doused in oil, salt and Indian spices, made with utmost love and adoration. But unfortunately, not all of us are blessed enough to savour the traditional pickle recipe and often settle for a readymade store-bought one. That is why, Aweri Foods is here to bridge the gap between the two, bringing you the best traditional pickles in an instant without any of the hassle.

Aweri is a small village in the swaddle of Himachal Pradesh where the founder, Akshay Awasthi's grandmother was born. Her age-old recipe of dates pickle is the foundation Aweri Foods stands on, hence the name. Although dates pickle may sound a little unfamiliar, it is a Himachali specialty that combines the goodness of dates with the fresh tanginess of hill lemons. The delicious pickle is made using an indegenous lemon called galgal and superior quality dates from the hills of Himachal. The pickle is homemade, with absolutely zero added sugar or preservatives. It is also vegan and prepared using the highest quality of ingredients. 

Akshay mentions that the dates pickle is his grandmother's own recipe and he wanted the world to get a taste of a family favorite meal accompaniment, hence the birth of Aweri Foods. Although Aweri Foods started its journey with its métier dates pickle, they aspire to bring more Himachali delicacies to the Indian market in future. 

Now all of us can indulge in the taste of home and tradition, thanks to Aweri pickles. In the founder's own words, "Whether you eat pickles or not, we're sure that Aweri Dates Pickle will keep you coming back for more."

Founder : Akshay Awasthi

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