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Ojas the luxury bath : Innovative Skincare based on Ayurveda

Luxury skincare brand redefining the value of Ayurveda.

Skincare is not one size fits all. We all have different issues that need to be addressed differently. Every individual deserves to feel special and gorgeous inside out. 

Ojas, which is a coming of age and result-driven skincare brand, strives to achieve just that. They take pride in delivering organic and skin-friendly products to men and women alike. At Ojas, tradition meets trends.

"We encourage everyone to FLY – First Love Yourself, by delivering customized skin care products as per their needs", says the founders, Cherry and Varisha. Their team puts in extra efforts to put together skin care products that are suitable for every skin type. They understand that both men and women have distinct skin care needs and thus work closely on these lines.

Ojas began with the idea of curating skincare products that are all-natural. Their products are born out of the unusual ingredients gifted by Mother Earth. They pick the raw materials from regions that are native to these inputs. Right from sourcing coconut oil from the serene and calm stretch of Goa to get the coffee beans picked from the mesmerizing land of Coorg - quality is one element that they disagree to compromise on.

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