2 years Ago
B&B Mag
NUOR- Natural Care : Get High on Health

Central India’s first hemp brand offering immense health benefits

NUOR Natural Care is an emerging Hemp start-up founded in Dec 2020. It is recognized by DPIIT under Startup India. NUOR stands for Natural Unadulterated Organic. Interestingly Hemp and Marijuana both come from the same Cannabis Sativa plant family. There are numerous misconceptions associated with the Hemp plant. People usually would ask ‘Will I get high eating cannabis/hemp seeds, oil, or powder?’ The answer is NO! It is a nutritional powerhouse that doesn’t contain the psychoactive compound THC. “At present there are more of myths and lack of awareness among the audience, when it comes to Hemp. And NUOR is striving hard every day to overcome all the challenges “says Agnivesh.

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