2 years Ago
B&B Mag
Detoxie: Matcha to Fight the Urban Stress

Matcha based skin and haircare brand providing health against the stressors of urban lifestyle. 

As typical urbanites, we work hard and party harder. It was at one such party, where, Nitasha and Robin as friends were casually discussing about their urban lives and what they would like to change around them. Just then, a friend of theirs contributed saying, "I don't know about anything else but I really wish I could change the hard water at home as it's ruining my hair". The idea of Detoxie was just born with the aim to solve urban, real world, skin and hair woes.

"While we wanted to solve real life issues, we also wanted to be sure of that one key ingredient that served as a powerhouse of anti-oxidant for our skin. We found Matcha!", says the founders, Nitasha and Robin.

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