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Star CBD : Man Behind Medical Cannabis CBD Oil In India

Revolutionising treatment by connecting ancient ayurveda with modern science.

“Asterion star private limited a company founded by Dr. Vikram has taken a big step towards a more holistic approach to healthcare by introducing its first medical cannabis (CBD Oil) product line in India meant for both humans as well as for our furry friends ( pets ) . This product line focuses on skin care, pain management and the use of full spectrum cannabis extract oil to provide relief from various ailments. This product line provides an alternative to conventional treatments and is gaining popularity among people looking for natural remedies. The introduction of this medical cannabis (CBD Oil) product line is expected to revolutionize the way we think about healthcare in India. It will enable people suffering from chronic pain and other conditions to find relief without having to resort to traditional medications, which often come with side effects. With its natural healing properties, this medical cannabis product line can help reduce inflammation, improve sleep quality and even fight cancer cells.


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