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Nutrisiduniya : Teaching Kids Nutrition through Fun Activities

We have the earnest desire to build up a system where health and nutrition are blended in lives of young children at an early age, and we feel proud to say that the dream of bringing knowledge of nutrition to your doorsteps is taking shape through Nutrisiduniya. Radhika Kalani, The prime mover of Nutrisiduniya

The nutritional value in the diet of young children has received an eagle eye scrutiny over the last few years highlighting the correlation between nutrition and academic performance, it is more important than ever to ensure our children are eating well. Teaching kids about nutrition can be tricky. As parents, we need to give them facts that they can grasp easily and do not turn meals into lectures. In today’s fast paced world, it is easier said than done as parents are working harder and time management is by the bay. Nutrisiduniya has used their expertise in developing a whole bunch of educational activities that help children receive early learning concepts. One such activity box is named Health O Learn. These activity boxes are curated with love and care by our experts, aiming to encourage inquisitiveness and curiosity. They provide creative tools, educational games, flash cards, story books and many more theme-based kits that helps the children learn while they are having fun. Nutrisiduniya family is a remarkable group of hardworking, professionally sound people who are always ready to go above and beyond to give the best possible learning experience to your kids. They bring to you the nuances and nittygritties related to a better health for your toddlers. They are not here to impose on you any product that has come into the market and is now being ready for its trials on your kids, instead, they are here to help you! They assist you to set on the learning experiences for your kids that are specifically designed in a way that there is a voluntary adaptation of eating behaviours. These are advantageous to the overall health and wellbeing, making the whole process an integral part of learning about nutrition and embedding the same in the lives of your kids from an early age.

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