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Noigra : Improving Health And Lifestyle through Cannabis

A Hemp/Cannabis based Health & Wellness brand, Noigra aims to make people aware about the benefits of this miraculous plant and improve their health & lifestyle through its Nutritional & Ayurvedic Medicinal products range. Noigra provides premium quality products & medicines that are 100% Natural, Vegan, Cruelty Free, Chemical Free, Eco-Friendly & 3rd Party Lab tested to ensure you get functional & high efficacy products that deliver what is
promised. The founders, Rajat Gupta and Vipul Gupta came across this miraculous plant - “Hemp” while on a trip to the US and were surprised to see that this plant which was once banned was now changing the lives of many people for good through various nutritional & medical products that were being manufactured from Hemp/Cannabis. But what astonished them the most was that this highly nutritional and medicinal plant, originated in India and travelled to all parts of the world benefiting people in those countries. That was their “Eureka” moment that they need to spread this to every corner of India. Thus began the journey of Noigra in 2020.

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