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Juicy Chemistry : Uncovering the Power of Curiosity: The Juicy Chemistry Story

We Didn’t Choose To Be Curious, But It’s What Got Us Here I t starts with a “why” and then one question just leads to another. Pritesh and Megha Asher, the couple behind Juicy Chemistry, an all-natural, organic personal care and beauty company, have embraced a relentless curiosity that took them from being two ordinary people, surrounded by ordinary personal care products to being pioneers in a new industry. Right from when they founded Juicy Chemistry back in 2014, the couple has completely transformed the landscape of organic and natural personal care by continuously and passionately questioning conventional product formulations, ingredients and practices. In doing so, they have managed to develop a range of 100% organic and natural products that are efficacious and true to the ingredients they contain. But this journey was not easy. When they first started out, the regulations in the natural and organic personal care industry were sparse, allowing for a lot of “greenwashing” of products. Pritesh and Megha decided to go the extra mile, insisting that 100% organic meant just that. They were determined to get full traceability and trace back every single ingredient that made it into their products, no exceptions; no matter how difficult it got.

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