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Ambrin The Fragrance : Sky is the limit for Ambrin The Fragrance

There’s a reason why fragrance and fragments (of memories) sound almost the same: smells trigger our memory the fastest. Studies have found that the brain areas that process emotions, learning, and memory, also process scents or smells. Rahat Khan of Ambrin The Fragrance was swept off her feet by the world of fragrances and ittars right in her childhood. As she grew, so did her love for fragrances, inherited from her mother. Ittar making so far has been a male-dominated profession in India, but Rahat has been making her presence known bit by bit, fragrance by fragrance. The brand that reconceptualises French ittars is popular for its alcohol-free range of perfumes. Her signature perfumes and perfume oils with French notes have been covered by wellknown lifestyle guides like LBB (Little Black Book), and is loved by influencers and the common man and woman equally. She has ittars lined up for every season for both men and women; you will never be at a want for a customised fragrance. Be it woody, earthy fragrances or soft, subtle ones she has something for everyone. Be it weddings or birthdays or bridal showers or an anniversary gift or even a book launch (the brand tied up with Harper Collins for the launch of the book The Last Queen), gift hampers by Ambrin are trending everywhere, as lakhs of customers would stand testament.

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